What is the Financial Freedom Project?

If you could change a family's life for R2000?

Would you?  You could, because 75% of abuse and trauma victims
don't have the funds for:
- Counselling / Mentorship
- Legal Advice
- Financial Support

FFP Project

Message From Samantha

In 2016 when I started CSW and experiencing the after effects and struggles of abuse and over the years of working with families and woman who experience trauma and abuse it became very obvious that one of the most prevalent of all the struggles are financial .

Being that families cant afford counseling never mind legal advise and in-fact bare basics have become a problem.

This is when I was personally introduced with much scepticism to the GL Gift of Legacy platform.

We have since renamed it the FINANCIAL FREEDOM PROGRAM. After in depth investigations and testing the platform myself reaping the benefits personally I realised that my prayers had been answered .

When you donate R2000 the beneficiary will get the financial opportunity to be part of a Micro economy that is like no other and that after time has a Pay it Forward ethos.

WE are part of something that is going to change the world!

They also get the mentorship from Sam personally to get them well on their way to change their story at no additional cost .

Should you want to know more please feel free to contact Samantha on 0679095962


In more than 90% of all intimate-partner violence cases, financial abuse occurs. Victims are prevented from acquiring, using or maintaining any financial resources because the abuser knows well that without any financial resources, their victims can’t leave and survive on their own. It is called the invisible weapon.


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