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Restoring Lives, Renewing Hope – We empower individuals and families, fostering an environment of growth and healing from various forms of abuse.

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About Cornerstone Woman
Physical, emotional, psychological, sexual and financial abuse should not be covered up by beautiful things, expensive labels or buried under a prime residential address.  Yet sometimes, it shockingly is.  

Cornerstone Woman is a unique not-for-profit organisation that offers families and individuals, who are victims of the destructive cycles of abuse, the opportunity to make a new start. 

Founded in 2016, by a team of dynamic women and men, Cornerstone Woman has been offering women living in cycles of abuse an opportunity to connect with women who understand them and can offer them a way out. The organisation has undergone many changes over the past seven years and has both refined and improved its model, collaborations and methodologies so as to better serve the ever increasing demands placed on the organisation.

Our Mission

At Cornerstone, our passion lies in aiding others on their journey to overcome the impacts of abuse. Our mission is clear: we're here to pave the way towards recovery for families and individuals who have endured long-term abuse. Through thoughtfully crafted steps and programs that offer unwavering support and empowerment to survivors, we aspire to bring hope and a brighter future to families and individuals who once felt trapped in hopelessness.


Breaking out of an abusive cycle is one of the most difficult things to do. It’s most powerful adversary is independence – financial, emotional and psychological self-empowerment. Which is why we exist – to inspire women to take the steps they need to seek help for themselves and their families and live the life they truly are capable of

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This unique program creates as a safe space, facilitates change, and once the change is accepted, provides the tools for the individual to be in true personal alignment. During the 8 years, Samantha was birthing Cornerstone Woman, she moved 60 times as she was invited into different people's homes. This unique opportunity educated her about personal dynamics and the contrast of her healing helped her realise that a truly emotional, mental, and physical support program did not exist, so she created one. This program exists to put you back in the driver's seat of your life so that you can make long-term changes and stop "circling the drain".

I spent all those months in bed at night, with my eyes closed, praying to unlove him, when really, I should have been praying for the strength to love myself more - Survivor stories

Meet the team

Samantha Le Roux is an enthusiastic, determined, and passionate woman who left high school at 14, to run their family restaurant business. She continued her career in hospitality both in South Africa and London. Upon her return to South Africa, Samantha began a career in IT industry with some of South Africa’s leading blue chip companies.

After achieving accolades for her consistent performance, Samantha realised her true strength lay in developing people and left the IT industry to establish a successful mentorship business. Her passion for enlightening and uplifting those not fully resonating a life well-lived became her focus. Today, Samantha is the inspirational founder of Cornerstone Woman born out of Samantha’s personal experience of domestic abuse. She is the proud single mother of three children..

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Samantha Le Roux


Happy Molefe is currently a co-founder and a CEO of Bayajula (Pty) Ltd, an advisory company focusing on Technology, Outsourcing & Resourcing, Training as well as Business Management Consulting. Happy’s career spans for about twenty years in human capital management, business management consulting, corporate management and project management combined experience. She has held strategic and executive positions in various companies, including public services entities.

Happy obtained a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Advanced Biology and Genetics from Wits University. She holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship and Management through the University of Pretoria, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Management Principles - Systems Thinking (PGDM) at the University Of Cape Town School Of Business and a Master of Business Leadership (MBL) through Unisa School of Business Leadership (Unisa SBL).




Kevin Van Der Byl has over 23 years’ experience in the financial services and automotive sectors, with a focus on the marketing, sales, account management, and asset-based finance industries. His core skills range from marketing, product development and design, sales and business management with a focus on business plan design, implementation and analysis, corporate strategy and operational management.

Kevin has been married for 21 years and is the proud father of five children. He enjoys his role as a youth coach at his local church, and lends his business skills to assist organisations who provide social services. Kevin has a marketing diploma with the North-West University and an MBA with Milpark Business School


Kevin van der Byl



After deep childhood trauma, for over 20+ years I tried everything. Endless psychologists, coaches, workshops, etc. All of these had a great impact but there was a deep wound that I never felt safe enough to share, and that kept my mind hostage, it kept me in doubt, pain, fear, and disbelief. This was destroying me and all of my relationships. When Sam found me, I was beginning to lose hope, and I was in a very dark place. I constantly withdrew from life. Samantha’s masterful healing way was the strength I needed. Through her deep intuitive guidance and ability to help me see the truth for myself, I was released. After that, the REAL healing could begin. I have gained myself back and my connection to God is growing from strength to strength. I feel hopeful, joyous and alive... I am becoming whole and I cannot thank her enough for the blessings I am now open to. Truly a wOw experience! 


I have always struggled to deal with my emotions and struggled to control them. I found that psychologists never really helped me. It got to the point where I attempted to take my own life but was found in time. I was referred to Cornerstone Woman by my grandmother who then introduced me to Sam Le Roux. Sam changed my life in many ways. She showed me that I had a purpose and she actually saw the pain I was feeling and did not invalidate my feelings just as everyone else did. Sam told me that one day if I was willing to, I could tell my story to the world and help people in doing so. I felt safe and understood when telling my story for the first time which for me was usually impossible. I was taught that life can be hard and painful but that is makes you into the person you are. I am strong because of what happened in my life doesn’t define who I am anymore. My mom left when I was a baby and I always believed it was something it did wrong or maybe I was not the child she wanted to have. In this journey with Sam she helped me realize that I was not the problem. My mom had her own problems growing up and was not ready perhaps to be a mother which is not an excuse for her, but knowing this helped me get the closure I deserved. Since being counselled by Sam, I’ve realized my worth. I see life with a more positive mind set and see myself worthy of love, whether it be from friends or family. My father’s mindset has not changed much since my journey started, but I have learnt to not let it affect me or the way I see myself. Cornerstone Woman has changed my outlook on life which I will be forever grateful for.


I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Sam from Cornerstone Woman. After going through a challenging divorce, I found myself feeling stuck and doubting my own worth and abilities. It was a difficult time in my life, and I wasn't sure how to move forward positively. That's when I came across Sam's wOw experience. From the moment I joined, I felt a shift in my perspective. Sam's guidance and support helped me see that I am not worthless; in fact, I have a multitude of talents and strengths that I had been overlooking. Through her insightful coaching and empowering sessions, I regained my self-confidence and discovered my true potential. The wOw experience provided me with a safe and nurturing environment to explore my personal growth journey. Sam's unique approach, filled with empathy and encouragement, allowed me to confront my doubts and fears head-on. Her program helped me break free from the limitations I had imposed on myself, and I started to embrace new opportunities with a renewed sense of excitement. What sets Sam apart is her genuine dedication to her clients' well-being. She tailored her guidance to my specific needs, allowing me to make progress at my own pace. Her unwavering belief in my abilities became a driving force behind my personal transformation. Thanks to Sam and the wOw experience, I am now on a path of self-discovery and empowerment. I've learned that my worth is immeasurable, and I'm excited to continue growing and pursuing my passions. I can confidently say that working with Sam was a turning point in my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend her program to anyone seeking positive change and personal growth. Thank you, Sam, for helping me see my own light and guiding me toward a brighter future..


My husband and I had been having marital issues for many years. This was due to infidelity on his part, my health issues, financial stress, and the stress that comes with being parents of 3 children. After the most recent incident with my husband, I believe it was to be the straw that broke the camels’ back. I discussed the issues with Samantha from Cornerstone, thinking she could walk me through the valley of death towards the divorce. What I received was quite the opposite. Samantha and I had many discussions, and eventually brought my husband into a meeting as well. We were reminded of the covenant which a marriage essentially is, and that this should not be broken. We were given tasks in order to remind ourselves of the reasons we were married in the first place. After much guidance, we were on our way to restoring our broken marriage. In order to strengthen our relationship with God, we were introduced to Happy and Morgan. Our walk with them has just begun, but they have already had a profound influence on both of us. Reminding us of God’s love for us, and helping us to connect better with Him. Through all of this, our insecurities and doubts are brought out into the light in order for us to deal with them, therefore helping us to get to a point where we truly love and care for one another again. I want to give a huge thanks to the team at Cornerstone. I thank you for being mentors, for being friends, and for providing brutally honest feedback even when it’s painful to our egos.


In 2017 I became involved with a man. A man I was intrigued by and a man my son was crazy about because he took him fishing. He lived in a beautiful Estate, somewhere I’ve always wanted to live. A man who was a drunk and a cocaine addict, a man who emotionally, financially and eventually physically abused me. During my time with this man, I became small and insignificant, and lost all sense of reality as I joined in on the misuse of cocaine and alcohol. I knew it was wrong and I knew it was not the kind of atmosphere I wanted my son in, but it was fun and most importantly it numbed the pain. Most of the time, the man and I were ok but when we fought it was mean. He called me unrepeatable names, accused me of indescribable sins and worst of all, alienated me from all my friends and even my family. A true narcissist. I would crumble, mostly because I wanted it to work out, I wanted to stay because my son was happy. The day this man kicked me after much verbal abuse, was the day I came to my senses. This was the day I called on my friend Sam from Cornerstone Woman. We had spoken many times before and she easily recognized evil in this man. She told me he was not right and that I should leave, but sadly I stayed until the final blow. By this time, he had turned on me and on my son, blaming him for trying to kill his dog! Through many chats and a few nights spent over at Sam’s, my son and I realize that there was no going back. We deserved more and better, we were worthy of REAL love and care. I remember Riley being so angry, we were leaving the Estate where he could fish!! Sam and I managed to calm him down and explain to him the true goings on in the household. I am forever grateful to Sam and Cornerstone Woman for the care, love and kindness given at a time when we felt like all was lost. The moment we left this man, I stopped taking cocaine and abusing alcohol. My son realized and saw this man for the true evil he was and even though he was never exposed to the drugs or abuse dished out to me, he knew I was happier away from that relationship. I am now with a partner who loves and appreciates me. Riley loves him too. Thanks be to God and Cornerstone Woman’s wOw experience!